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Stainless Steel Percolation Tank

Category: Stainless Steel Herbal Extractor


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The equipment is suitable for percolation operation in traditional Chinese medicine ,food , chemical industry etc . The equipment is composed of tank body ,cone bottom head , ellipse top head(or flat cover), pneumatic discharge door , pneumatic control box etc . The characteristic is equal solvent distribution and easy discharge .
The percolation method is adding continuously leaching solvent into the rough powder of medicine to get leaching solution. During the percolation ,solvent pass through each layer from top to down dissolve plenty soluble articles . After concentration increases , it will move downward while the density increases . Leaching solvent at the upper layer or the thin leaching liquid will exchange the position and make good concentration difference to carry scattering out smoothly . Thus , the leaching effect is better than the dipping method, and the extraction will be comparatively completed .

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