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Stainless Steel Fermenter

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FJ series fermentation tank is used for mechanical mixing and fermentation of matters. this equipment adopts internal circulation to disperse and smash air bubbles by mixing oar, fast dissolving oxygen, good in mixing effect. The tank body adopts SUS304 stainless steel. Inside the tank is equipped with automatic sprinkle-nozzle, to ensure production process conforms to GMP standard. Corollary equipment and projects for cultivation of bio-fermenting cell
(1) mixing type: standard mechanical mixing system
(2) features
Nominal capacity: 100L~50000L
Height diameter ratio: H:D=2.03.0
Charge coefficient: 0.7
Sterilization type: in-situ sterilization
System configuration: generally adopt three-level fermentation, the ratio of seed tank and fermentation tank is 1:10 System data control: can adopt three-level fermentation controls on users' request.
Corollary equipment: seed tank, fermentation tank, control system, air filter system, tube and valve platform, public projects etc.

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